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Automate your home with up to $7,500 from the federal government!

Posted by Kai Stansberry on Apr 2, 2015 12:43:50 PM


Are you looking for a way to make your life more automated, convenient and more energy efficient? Thinking about how to reduce your electricity bill or regulate your home’s energy use and temperatures based on your schedule? Looking for a little peace of mind knowing that wherever you are, your family and home are ok when you’re away?  With home automation, you can manage it all — right from the palm of your hand! And for a limited time, the federal government will loan you up to $7,500 to pay for it all.

The FHA’s PowerSaver Home Energy Upgrade loan offers single family homeowners with good credit and manageable overall debt, money for projects such as installing smart thermostats, lighting and appliance control, and security & surveillance. 

Home automation is a perfect way to cut energy costs this spring. Reduce your home energy usage by more than 15 percent in the summer and up to 25 percent in the winter with home automation features.

We’re here to help!

From lights to locks to live video and everything in between, Clearview Energy Home Automation products help keep your home both safe and smart. Let us help you enjoying the confidence, control and convenience that home automation brings.  

Act now and get $250 back on Clearview Energy’s 3-year home safety and automation suite. Learn more at www.clearviewenergy.com/homesafety.

For more information about the PowerSaver loan program, subscribe to the Clearview Energy blog (to the right of this article), then visit: http://programs.dsireusa.org/system/program/detail/5631.



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