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Clearview Supports Community Based Non-Profits

Posted by Wilkes L Kothmann on Dec 18, 2014 5:29:07 PM

Clearview Energy believes a successful business model is win-win-win.  The customer wins with our 100% affordable renewable energy plans, the organization wins by receiving cash donations from Clearview, and Clearview wins by getting more customers.  Just by enrolling with Clearview, customers are  supporting an important beneficiary through the contributions of Clearview.  ClearCommunity should be considered by community based non-profits as an additional way to enhance fundraising efforts. To be successful, the oraganization must  have access to significant numbers of memebers or patrons that are willing to switch their electricity to Clearview Energy.

Clearview Energy, through its ClearCommunity program, has teamed up with Holy Trinity School and Center to provide financial assistance when interested parties enroll with Clearview.  There are four special plans and rates to select from that best meet the customer's need.  Then, based on the plan selected, Clearview will donate an enrollment bonus to whatever program the customer has selected. Then each month, Clearview will donate a set amount to the selected program.


For people interested specifically in helping Holy Trinity School and Center, please use one of the following Promo Codes:

Holy Trinity Center (Use Promo Code HTC)
Holy Trinity School (Use Promo Code HTS)
Switch Today and  Make a Difference  to Holy Trinity  Click and enter your promo code!

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